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We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to let you know personally if your requested dates are available. We can also discuss and organize your festive decoration wishes, for example, for weddings, birthdays, Christmas or your event plans. So whatever is on your mind - feel free to contact us.

We, the Schaub-Settele family, live and work in Frankfurt am Main. Katrin is a native of Füssen, and Michael is passionate about converting old houses into true gems. We both love interior decorating. So a house in the beautiful historic old town of Füssen was the perfect project. Finding the right object was, however, tricky. All kinds of property were on offer, but mostly unsuitable, without a garden, no sun, etc. After all, the house was also to serve as a vacation home. By chance, the opportunity arose to buy the ideal building directly on Schrannenplatz square, an excellent location in the historical town for a larger family or for a smaller group. In our opinion, a true favorite place to relax or be active. 

Katrin: "Even as a kid, I used to think how nice it was to live in the old town of Füssen, with no cars, and so close to the most delicious Italian ice cream parlor in all of southern Germany! The town usually has a lively vibe, with street musicians, locals and holidaymakers mingling - a really laid-back, relaxed atmosphere where you can sit back and dream a little."

"The almost limitless range of leisure and activities around the Lieblingsplatz-Füssen vacation home overwhelms us time and again."

"Here, after almost two years of major refurbishment, we began welcoming guests from January 2021."